Ice cream

Pear-peach premium ice cream

Juicy, ripe, nectarous peach and pear, queen of fruits – from now, you can find them in the premium ice cream in sugary wafer cone…

Streamlets of peach jam slowly run down from the delicate top of the large (as much as 145 grams) ice cream portion, touching the edges of wafer cone, in the depth of which, in the delicious premium ice cream, tasty pear jam hides; pieces of pear can be found in the ice cream mix.

The cone is carefully packed in the foil wrap which can be opened conveniently. Ice cream top is tightly covered with plastic cap, allowing further protecting and preserving its beauty!

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Package structure

Ice cream weight

155 g.


4820167771591 .

Quantity in the box

12 pcs.

Quantity of boxes on the pallet

143 pcs.