“Belaya Byroza” Ltd. received the title “Best Enterprise of Ukraine 2018” and Award “Zirka Yakosti (Quality Star) 2018”

Activity of “Belaya Byroza” company, namely, compliance with quality standards and making of tasty products of high quality does not remain unnoticed. The company received the status “BEST ENTERPRISE OF UKRAINE 2018”. The National rating of quality of goods and services “Quality Star” is an independent integrated program of ranking of Ukrainian enterprises on the basis of financial and economic indicators. The rating is based on the economic data of mandatory financial statements, to make the results transparent and to eliminate any possible external factors. Thanks to “Quality Star”, the good-faith and reliable manufacturers of goods and services are identified

According to the indicators of the reporting period, “Belaya Byroza” company is referred to the group of reliable companies; based on the rating, we occupy a leading position among the Ukrainian companies in the category “Food products”. We received a number of awards and privileges, including:

  • Right of marking with the logo “Quality Star 2018”
  • Award “Quality Star 2018”
  • Expert opinion “Best enterprise of Ukraine 2018”
  • Order “Star of success”
  • “Best Accountant” medal
  • 2 national certificates Specialist of the year”

Receiving of title “Best enterprise 2018» is definitely stunning news and good start of the year! This rating is a high estimate of our work and big responsibility. This award, of course, is a motivation for the better work.

We are grateful for such estimate of our activity, since the award like “Quality Star” confirms high level of products of “Belaya Byroza”. Owing to effective and professional work of each employee, we’ve made a significant contribution into development of the Ukrainian economy. Our managers are true leaders bringing the company to success.

We appreciate all consumers who were side by side with us in 2018! You chose our products for the family lunches and holidays; followed us in the social media; sent warm reviews and sincere photos! Thank you for confidence and support! It is our joint achievement, and we are glad to realize that we go in the right direction!

We are grateful to the National rating of quality of goods and services “Quality Star” for high estimate of our joint work! In inspires and motivates for moving forward, and working better in 2019! Official page of the National rating of quality of goods and services: http://zirkayakosti.com.ua/