Festival of ice cream of “Belaya Byroza” Ltd.

On July 9 in Sumy town our trademark presented a sweet event which was held near the “Manufacture” Trade Center.

Belarus (White Russia) is a tender and poetic name the most suitable for this country. It is the land of blue lakes, woods and oak forests, meadows and spacious fields open to the sun.

Milk is an ideal product for babies!

Surely, you often heard the phrase that milk is an ideal product for humans, because it is rich in calcium and vitamins, and also provides energy for the whole day. Cow’s milk is really perfect product, but only for ... a calf. Just like mother milk for her baby. This conclusion was made by scientists from the University of California. Milk is an ideal source of energy and building material for the rapid growth of mammals. They are still too small to eat the adult food, so milk is the best option.

Especially important is the regular use of cow's milk in childhood.

Vitamin B12 is one of the most important ingredients of the cow’s milk. It is needed for work of the nervous system and hematopoiesis, promoting the growth and reducing the cholesterol levels; besides, vitamin B12 is involved in metabolism. Human organism also uses it for synthesis of DNA and amino acids.

Large amount of calcium in the composition of milk stipulates its important role in the formation and strengthening of the bone tissue. Vitamin D also present here improves the absorption of calcium and contributes to its deposition in the bones and dentin. Thus, the use of cow’s milk effectively prevents the development of rickets and osteoporosis..

Especially important is the regular consumption of cow’s milk in childhood. Strength of the skeletal system and accumulation of maximum bone mass is developed in early age and age of transition; predisposition to fractures in future will depend on these factors. Direct relationship of consumption of calcium with the milk and its deposition in the skeletal system of young people, and the opposite relationship with the rate of fractures, is proved.